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Herisau Ministry

AGAPE Herisau Ministry is just the right place to be every Friday evening if you live the Appenzeller area (Herisau, Gossau, Flawil, Wil, St. Gallen, etc).

Meeting since 1997, our extension ministry in Herisau is led by Rolly and Tess Solis.

There is a children’s ministry program which takes place simultaneous with the adult meeting every Friday. All meetings are held in English with German translation.

For more information about AGAPE Herisau Ministry, please contact:

Location:   Pfingstgemeinde Herisau 
               Rosenaustrasse 1
               9100 Herisau

Time:        19:30 - 21:00

Contact:    Rolly & Tess (079 757 39 75)