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Mission Ministry

“Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel…” Matthew 28:19.

 Missions is at the heart of God and therefore we endeavor to keep it central to our heart as a church. We understand that the local church is not to simply become a “private club” for its members but among its many purposes, the local church should also become a launching pad for equipped believers to become happy vessels through which a lost and dying world can hear of the Gospel of salvation. Since our church’s inception, believers from AGAPE have travelled thousands of miles in dozens of trips in order to fulfill our part in covering the earth with the Good News message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Individuals and teams continue to go forth from our church to such places as: Hong Kong – China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Morocco, Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Mozambique, and the list just keeps on growing…


At the heart of our church’s mission involvement and support are two ministries close to our heart: Rhema Christian Training Center in the Philippines.

This ministry was founded in 1983 by our pastor and her parents. The main part of Rhema Christian Center’s ministry in the Philippines is the Bible and Ministerial Training School: Rhema Christian Training Center. Other ministries covered by Rhema are: licensing and ordination of ministers, legal covering for churches, Christian based preschools and more. Please check out Rhema’s website for more information.